4 thoughts on “Scooter squirter sent to prison”

  1. Mostly because nobody else can see what the hell you’re talking about, Bryan.

  2. No, seriously. What’s it say? The link gives me a 404 error.

  3. Weird, still works for me… BBC story:

    Scooter squirter sent to prison
    A teenager who drove a moped against the flow of traffic while shooting at pedestrians with a water pistol has been sent to jail.
    Barry McBlain, 17, of Broomlands, Kelso, was jailed for seven days at Jedburgh Sheriff Court.

    McBlain drove the wrong way in The Square and Horsemarket, Kelso, on 1 July last year squirting passers-by.

    He was banned from driving for 12 months and fined £150, but opted for the alternative of seven days custody.

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