What’s going on with Italjet?

Since our report last night about the return of the Velocifero, in which we reported that ItaljetUSA.com was going through a domain name transfer, several other long-dormant Italjet sites, all working last night (Italjet.com, Italjet.it, and Australian importer ItalScooter), have also been replaced with domain transfer announcements. Is Italjet gearing up to market the Kinetic-manufactured scooters internationally? Will the Kinetic Italiano scooters bear an “Italjet” badge? Who will be the U.S. importer? Will they get it right this time?

2 thoughts on “What’s going on with Italjet?”

  1. That’s deep! It’s like All My Children! Did Sky kill Fob? (are those real soap names… I hope not).

    “Will they get it right” is the question I’m asking… that and… Will a dealer carry the Dragster 180?

  2. Kinetic’s distributor for the past 20 years has been based in Philadelphia. They’ve sold TFR mopeds and Milano (2-stroke 50cc) scooters. A combination of poor distributor marketing, failure to anticipate the Chinese invation of low-priced scooters, failure to anticipate 2006 EPA regs, and an inadequate product line (from Kinetic), all contributed to the lack of Kinetic establishing a foothold in the U.S.

    Kinetic has been looking for a new distributor as the owner of the Philly-based company is set to retire. I’m trying to get “in” with Kinetic as their U.S. distributor and have been working with them for about a year. I visted them in India in June 2006. I don’t know about any plans ItaljetUS has, but the news I got from Kinetic management in June indicated they had exclusive distribution rights to all seven Italjet models (at least the designs). They cannot use the Italjet moniker, and the scoots will be re-engined by Kinetic. I’ve been telling Kinetic that Dragster and Velocifero are the top priorities for the U.S. market. Comments/suggestions appreciated.

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