Buddies are Go!

POCbuddy2The new Buddy 125 (the US-market version of the PGO Bubu) has arrived at most Genuine Scooter dealers. Phil from Pride of Cleveland Scooters took this photo (click to enlarge) on the interstate today and says:

it’s about 19 miles from my house to the shop when you take the freeway. It’s about 12 Miles of actual 65+ mph traffic. It wasn’t passing anything but the folks in the right lane, but it did do it and with only a handful of miles on the odometer and a long way from being broken in.

(Note that in most states, 125cc scooters are not permitted on the interstate, nor is it a good idea to take a photo from a scooter travelling at interstate speed). The speedo is likely exaggerating quite a bit, but we’ve heard from test-riders that they’re suprisingly fast, and “look cooler in person.” They’re also smaller than most 125cc scooters (Phil calls it “a 125 in a 50cc frame”), so if you’re perhaps slight-of-build and looking for a small-but-fast scooter, the Buddy is worth checking out, especially at $2500 MSRP. If it’s not your bag, the 50cc Buddy and the 50cc Black Cat are coming soon, and Genuine is likely to add new models later this summer.

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