2sb World Cup Contest!

I’ve really dropped the ball on World Cup coverage this year, so rather than try to catch up, I’m going to refer you to John O’Neill’s commentary at 146 Degrees, and throw in a few of my own comments here once in a while. Cy’s putting down £5 on Croatia for me, so if they win, I’m going to England to pick up my money (and then use it to pay for my plane ticket home). If England does well, I imagine we’ll hear from Cy as well. One more note: I’m not bothering with “spoiler alerts” this year, the matches are on at decent hours, if you don’t watch it live, just stay off the internet until you know the score.

Just to keep it interesting for 2sb readers, let’s play a game… Pick a country (while they last) in the comments… first person to call dibs gets that country. (I get Croatia, Cy gets England). I’ll post a list of which reader is representing which country, and the winner will get a cool prize from 2strokebuzz. Ready? GO! Be careful not to pick a country that’s already been picked.

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  1. If England win (which we all know they will…), I will send you a postcard from wherever my winnings get me!

    Also – If you can’t see the match but can get streaming coverage at work the BBC site is pretty decent. I will post a link up for the direct stream tomorrow when the coverage starts.

  2. TAKEN:

    CROATIA: Bryan
    ANGOLA: Rye
    MEXICO: Lucash
    CZECH REP: Lets Not Listen
    ITALY: M1
    BRAZIL: Becky
    FRANCE: Spiny Norman
    ARGENTINA: Alfredom1972
    COTE D\’IVORIE: Primavera130
    USA: Nate
    TRINIDAD: John O\’Neill
    GERMANY: Brooke
    COSTA RICA: Those Darn McCabes
    SWEDEN: Kathy T Great
    PORTUGAL: Kilotravis
    UKRAINE: Penny
    POLAND: Vina
    SPAIN: Professor Matthew
    SWITZERLAND: Matt Siegel
    ECUADOR: Nancy
    Australia: Race Roberts

    Still available:

  3. Cy, what format is the BBC’s stream? Real? I want to get a PC and monitor set-up here at work so I’m ready at game time.

  4. Um, this is that game with the black and white ball, right? ;)

    Ivory Coast/COTE D’IVORIE fer me please. I’m a sucker for the ‘no more killing eachother till we get done with the football game’ story


  5. Can I pick Alaska? No, wait. How about Costa Rica. I’ve been there even.

  6. I’m getting a live audio of something. I don’t know anything about soccer though.

  7. There was just a comment about 2 people being out from a scooter accident. one lambretta and one vespa. But they are laughing a lot so I’m not sure if it’s serious, even partly. BBC on PBS didn’t prepare me for this.

  8. Crap, this is what I get for being at work all day and away from a computer. Okay, which choke artists do I back, Spain or Portugal? I guess I’ll take Spain since I know a little Spanish.

  9. Yeah, 5live is pretty laid back – the PBS stuff you get is mostly world service and is very straight laced.

    Glad its working ok

  10. Since Hungary is not being represented, I’m taking the cousin – Ukraine. én akarat nyer!

  11. Crap! All sites state that due to contract obligations they cannot stream outside the UK. This really, really blows.

  12. Well Since Portugal was given away after my friend Nancy wanted it, can she have Ecuador?

  13. Kilotravis asked for Portugal first, but his comment was moderated because he’s new-ish. Of course Nancy may have Ecuador.

  14. Ok. thanks. now if i can get you to reply to my emails. ;) i see a little sarcasm goes a long w/ the beeb.

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