VespaUSA finally shifts into second gear and comes above the surface with their “Vespas are ecological” PR campaign thats been such a success in getting them press: Vespanomics. There is certainly some economy, and maybe ecology, in scooter-riding, but they’re glossing over an awful lot of math, science, and common sense to hype it to this level. Still, it’s nice to see them actually selling some scooters. More later.

5 thoughts on “Vespanomics”

  1. I like this partial-truth:
    Scooters, on average, can travel 50-70 MPG.

    Yes, the least-efficient (and/or motorcycle-sized) scooters, like Vespa, typically get this kind of mileage. Most others average 70-100+ MPG.

  2. Well, most figures are based on riding at medium revs, perfectly tuned, under optimal conditions on a flat smooth road, carrying a 108-lb Asian teenager, too. I don’t think there are many scooters that REALLY get 100mph in practice, though it does seem that Vespa/Piaggio mileage is lower than the industry average.

  3. I think there are many, many 50cc scooters that average 90-100+ miles per gallon. Of course people’s mileage varies based on their weight and riding style (and even from bike to bike somwhat), but I’ve heard of most people on stock Bajaj and Stellas averaging 80 to 90+, I think Vinos and Venices are reported to get 80-90, the 50cc Genuine models and Honda Metropolitans should get 90 to 100+.

  4. We do find it VERY ironic that Vespa, the name synonamous with Scootering for over a half century, and who are presently trying to spin their product line, using made-up words like ” Vespanomics” actually produce the least fuel efficient scooters of the 4 lines that we carry; the others being Stella, TGB, and Kymco. If you talk the talk, you should walk the walk!

  5. I guess my argument is dumb anyway, because cars follow the same standard for MPG ratings, so you’re still comparing apples to apples, if a scooter claims 100mpg, it’s still five times more efficient than an SUV that claims 20mpg, even if neither really gets exactly what is promised.

    Anyway, the point (that both of you made, correctly) is that Vespa mileage isn’t particularly impressive by scooter standards. It’s not embarrassing and it’s much better than most cars, but nothing to brag about.

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