2sb Cup matchups

The first two 2sb Cup matchups are set:

  • Brooke (GER) vs. Kathy The Great (SWE) on June 24
  • Cy (ENG) vs. Nancy (ECU) on June 25

Both should be interesting as the boys are both kinda wussy and the girls are both pretty tough. Note that Nancy is the only entrant with the same name as an actual soccer team.

Two more to add:

  • Alfredom1972 (ARG) vs. Lucash (MEX) on June 24
  • Kilotravis (POR) vs. Matty (NED) on June 25

Alfredo, a huge Argentina fan, is actually Mexican, and Lucash is half Mexican, half-Czech, so their secret loyalties might lie outside their picks. In any case, it should be a fun match to watch. Kilotravis’ Portugal is a popular dark-horse, is playing very well, but Matty’s Holland still has some fight left, it’ll be fun to watch the creative Portugal take on the technical Holland.
If you haven’t entered the 2sb Cup Contest, Ghana’s still available!

One thought on “2sb Cup matchups”

  1. Wussy?!?!?!

    You just talked your way out of an xmas card, mister!

    Go England!

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