Croatia still has a chance is on meth

Remember that time the U.S. beat Portugal? Or that year Croatia didn’t nearly forfeit a game on red cards?

Four more teams advance to the round of 16:

  • M1 (ITA) vs. Race Roberts (AUS) on June 26
  • Becky (BRA) vs. Silent Ron (GHA) on June 27

Props to Australia and Ghana, they both worked very hard and deserved to progress. No one claimed Ghana, so I’m assigning it to Silent Ron, because he was silent. The last two matches will be decided Friday.

And the last batch:

  • Matt Siegel (SUI) vs. Penny (UKR) on June 26
  • Professor Matthew (ESP) vs. Spiny Norman (FRA) on June 27

1998 (and Euro2000 winners) France were crap in the group stage, allowing the Swiss to take the top spot. So the marginally impressive Switzerland faces the Ukraine in the least-big-name match of the 16. Ukraine looked better in their last game, so it could be a tight match. Eh-Spain is going to pound France unless some sort of World Cup Fairy beats Thierry Henry into shape Monday night.

One thought on “Croatia still has a chance is on meth”

  1. Yeah, that USA game; we looked half asleep. One forward? And that ‘penalty kick’ in the first half by Ghana? What a giveaway. My wife and I started to have an argument about who sucked worse in the cup, Donovan or Beasley.

    The Oz/Croatia game was furious! Italy/OZ will be brutal!

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