2SB Cup: Down to eight!

Rather than posting every day, I’ll update this post as the matches happen. The 16 will be narrowed down to eight teams by Tuesday, here’s how it stands for 2SB readers and their chosen teams:

  • Brooke (GER) def. Kathy The Great (SWE)
    Alfredom1972 (ARG) def. Lucash (MEX)

Lucash almost pulled off a huge upset, but it’ll be Alfredom1972 (ARG) vs. Brooke (GER) in the quarters. Too bad they meet so early, because either team could have won this tournament. This should be the best game of the quarterfinals.

  • Cy (ENG) def. Nancy (ECU)
    Kilotravis (POR) def. Matty (NED)

Cy (ENG) is looking a little better, but still not what you would call “red-hot.” They’ll face Kilotravis (POR), a mighty side, but down a few key players. If Cy’s men continue their incremental improvement each match, they might actually pull it off. Remember, even the U.S. beat Portugal once.

  • M1 (ITA) def. Race Roberts (AUS)
    Penny (UKR) def. Matt Siegel (SUI)

Two tight matches, but M1 gets a questionable penalty and breaks Bob’s ‘Roos hearts with just seconds left. Penny and Matt battled it out for 120 minutes with no score, and Matt missed three penalties and blew it, so Penny progresses to the round of 8.

  • Becky (BRA) def. Silent Ron (GHA)
    Spiny Norman (FRA) def. Professor Matthew (ESP)

It was a World Cup ’98 kinda day as Ronaldo and Zidane dusted themselves off and got busy. France surprised Spain 3-2 while Ronaldo topped Gerd Mueller’s record with his 15th World Cup Goal. It also occurred to me today that Brazil was given the original World Cup trophy permanently after winning their third World Cup at Mexico’70, If they win again this year, it would be their sixth, would they get to keep the Cup again? And why didn’t Germany or Italy get to keep a trophy with their three victories? Gyp!

6 thoughts on “2SB Cup: Down to eight!”

  1. I think the Germany/Argentina match is just a set up to flush out a few remaining war criminals. The made sure it wouldn’t happen in the semis or finals so they could ensure that they could get a few cops to comb the streets looking for 90 year old men cheering a bit too loudly when Germany scores.

  2. An interesting match for sure was the England one.

    It highlighted how well we can play when we get out act together and the win hopefully boosted our confidence some more (we need it).
    Granted, we could have very easily conceeded some goals. thanks to ashley cole for tipping their best shot onto the bar, but we could have had many more goals too.

    I have a feeling we’re still a slow burner and the best is yet to come.


  3. I love you too, Bb. If I didn’t I’d be posting a bunch of honda/motoGP rants…

  4. I knew it was just a matter of time before Spain wilted under the pressure.

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