Yamaha Vox: C3 to US in 07

Yamaha has announced that their Japanese-market VOX scooter will come to the United States in 2007, renamed as the Yamaha C3. That, I believe, makes it two better than the BMW C1, but D3 worse than the Pontiac G6 and W(-2) worse than a BMW Z1. (via TheScooterScoop) Update: Something was bugging me about the “C3” logo and I just realized it’s a total ripoff of the Hummer “H2” logo. Now I hate this scooter.

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  1. I haven’t tested out one of the new 4 stroke vinos, but I hope it’s road worthy. I think the design of the VOX/c3 is great. The key is that it retains the seating position and floorboards as parallel to the ground rather than the typical wedge of modern scooters. Usually this can only be pulled off with big wheel scooters or by the vespas. Good job yamaha. Now just put an 80cc+ four stroke in it and get the AMA to lobby for uniformed moped/motorcycle laws that aren’t outdated and don’t artificially limit small scooter displacements to 50cc is most markets.

  2. That’s the ugliest damn thing on two wheels I’ve seen in a long time.

    Oh, and the instrument comparison is way off. Yeah, the prices may be cheaper, but I callenge anyone to pick up any American made instrument, like a Gibson or a Fender, and place it next to the Japanese version. The quality isn’t even close. Never has been. It’s not a matter of opinion. It’s an accepted fact among anyone who deals with musical instruments. Korg only used the Vox name for their line of digital modeling amps that are produced in China, not Japan. The tube amps that made Vox famous are still a British product.

  3. I like it! A lot!! Perhaps better looking than the Ruckus, even!

    What a great modern scooter design! If it’s kittable or gets a bigger motor I may even consider one.

  4. Is it just me, or does that thing look an awful lot like a Harley Topper? Nice to see them knocking off something other than a Vespa, these days!

  5. I wonder if there are any parts that are compatable with the Zuma?

  6. Speaking of Hummer logo knockoffs. I’m thinking about buying a Hummer. The glasses though, not the rolling gasaholic monolith. See them here: http://wapurl.co.uk/?BG90M8Y

    Should I not… just for the principle of the matter? It seems like it would be ok, since these will be significantly more efficient than the vehicle.

  7. Well I’ve been on the search for a second scooter for my wife who is 5’4″ and myself as a quick go scoot, and the C3 would fit perfectly. After looking at the Buddy, Vino, Vespa 50’s and Aprilla 50’s, this one fits in size style and useability. I’ll probably see what happens by replacing the pipe and maybe replace the bars. Does anyone know if there are any engine mods for 49cc Yamaha engines?

    What I’m really interested in is a city cruiser, 40 mph is more than enough speed. I’ve been running a Vespa P200 with a Malossi 230 kit, PX suspension, SIP Pipe, etc. and a whole lot of quarkiness. Like warm up time, and warm up smoke and like all old things parts just seem to always want to wear and tear. And although I love the speed, it’s a bit too much for scooting in a city like SF. All I want is to start, cruise and go.

    So if it’s going to be a new scoot for running about than I think I’ll skip the $5,000 07 Vespas and go for a $2,000 07 Yamaha C3.

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