2SB Cup: The Final!

  • M1 (ITA) 2:0 Brooke (GER)
    Spiny Norman (FRA) 1:0 Kilotravis (POR)

M1, who doesn’t even “get” soccer, finds himself in the finals after beating Brooke’s favored World Cup hosts in the semis. Surely this is not the same Italy team who drew against the USA. Spiny Norman’s Bleus won a beautiful, evenly-matched game against Portugal. Surely this is not the same French team that drew against Switzerland and Korea. Who will maintain the charade and take home the 2sb Cup this Sunday? France! (Just kidding, we don’t actually know yet.)

12 thoughts on “2SB Cup: The Final!”

  1. Oh I get it.

    When I was young, I played on the team in 7th grade. This was before the days of AYSO and dry suburban retention ponds having the structures for soccer nets. (No, Lu$.. I didn’t go to school in ancient China!)

    I was a decent defender, but was often told to “relax” a little.

    The following year they told me “hey.. maybe next year in high school you can play football.”

    needless to say i wasn’t scared. i felt much more at home w/ people that weren’t afraid to get dirty or cut up.

    Ronnie Lott’s finger, Amen.

  2. Which reminds me.. I think Jon Flood has Karl-Heinz Granitza’s autograph. didn’t Karl-Heinz Granitza kill his wife? or is that an urban legned?. Ah the good old days of Granitza, Pele, the Chicago Sting….

  3. I think you mean Archduke Franz-Karl. I do not believe he killed his wife, though he did outlive her.

  4. The Germany-Italy game was a lot of fun to watch. I think games like that will help hook more ‘mericans on the sport. Usually games that end 0-0 in regulation actually are boring. It was fun to go to the bar and be having beers at noon and having a good time. Maybe that had something to do with it.

  5. an 0-0 game can go either way, if both teams are attacking and playing elegantly, but two good defenses and two good goalkeepers are keeping the ball out of the net, it can be hells of exciting. way more exciting than a 4-0 match. But if both teams are laying back and playing for a draw, yeah, it gets old fast.

  6. Does Spiny have a scoot painted like the French flag?
    Advantage M1.

  7. I cannot believe I am rooting for France to win the World Cup. The only thing worse than this would have been a Portugal versus Italy final.

    I can’t believe I’m actually happy that I have to work so I’ll miss it anyway. At least I get to see the third place game.

  8. We were joking that if Portugal and Italy made it to the final, they might as well hold it in a natatorium. But being an Arsenal supporter, and having been to France this spring, I’m coming to terms with my secret love of Les Bleus.

    I don’t believe I know Spiny Norman personally… let’s get a bio, Norm!

  9. Spiny Norman here. Sorry it took so long to post. I’m in DC, but originally from Detroit. My real name is Martin, and to answer a question, my VBB color scheme makes it look like a UN scooter than a French one. We’re football fanatics in my family – my wife is from Mexico, so we pull for Chivas and Cruz Azul down there. I also do some work for the Major League Soccer Players Union. Don’t like Brazil, so its great to see Zizou owning them again for this World Cup.

    I’ll be in Chicago on July 21 if anyone’s up for a beer!

    Allez les Bleus!!!

  10. Congrats, M1. We were in it right up until we unleashed our super-secret head butt play, which admittedly backfired.

  11. Ug. Even though I’m Italian, I just couldn’t pull for Italy after their dive vs. Oz.
    What a pack of whiners, cheats and C.H.U.D.S. Not that I have a grudge or anything. Despite Zidane’s poorly executed header late in the final, they were still the better team to watch, and would have made a better show on the podium after the game. At least they might have kept their shorts on.

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