Denver Post: 600+ scooterists at Amerivespa?

A column in the Denver Post is projecting Amerivespa/LammyJammy/Stellabration will “more than double” the size of Denver’s recent 300+ Mile High Mayhem rallies. If you’re planning on coming, PRE-REGISTER NOW to make sure you’ve reserved your place at all the events, especially the banquet at Wings over the Rockies Air and Space Museum, which is limited to the first 500 registrants.

3 thoughts on “Denver Post: 600+ scooterists at Amerivespa?”

  1. Wait.. MHM gets 300 totally different scooterists than the nearly 300 that were at Amerivespa last year? Cah… RAY..zee!

  2. I honestly doubt it’ll be more than 600, but you never know. I’d say MHM and Amerivespa (in Cleveland) last year were both about 300 folks and of course there’s some overlap but not THAT much. throw in the Lammy Jammy, Stellabration, all the sponsors promotion work, and more and more new scooterists every year, and I’m pretty confident it will top 500. Preregistration is very highly suggested, because registering on-site costs more and you’ll probably get less for your money as giveaways and events sell out.

  3. Anyone else get a little chuckle when they see AmeriVESPA is sponsored by Kymco? No one can ever say Kymco isn’t hungry! Watch out Piaggio! I see Kymco looking at your lunch!

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