Vendita, venduto, Vespa

Businessweek writes their own Vespa press release, recapping the IPO and outlining their plans for America. At least they’re thorough, and the slide show is a nice touch. (Note: The Scooter Scoop points out that the story says the MP3 will be here in January. They’d previously said December, and several sources have reported it will be in the “2007 product line.” I’ve not heard anything other than that the U.S. will get only the 125cc model). Also, after I joked that this was more or less a press release, a friend forwarded me an email from CooperKatz (Vespa’s PR agency) taking credit for the story. Journalism is dead.

6 thoughts on “Vendita, venduto, Vespa”

  1. I’m a friend? I thought of myself as more of an internet stalker.

    At least, that’s what the restraining order says.

  2. If I’d said “internet stalker,” CooperKatz would have known it was you and taken you off their mailing list. Wait until Amerivespa to find out how much of a friend I consider you. Also, you’re in charge of protecting me from McCabe.

  3. I’m pretty certain I’ve read a quote from Colaninno or Sabelli to that effect, I’ll look. And what about the VLA, VLB, Allstate, VMA, VMA2, and PX125? (among others?) heh.

  4. I meant since recent times, BB. I was just speculating it will most likely be a 150cc or 200 or 250. But hey I could be wrong.

  5. Wait until Amerivespa to find out how much of a friend I consider you.

    That scares me.

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