Child Riding Belts

I’ve ridden up and down the alley a couple times with Milena precariously set upon the floorboards of my Vespa, but I look forward to the day I can take her for a real ride. While toddlers riding as passengers on motorcycles is a way of life in many countries, it’s a bit frowned upon in the U.S. Now, thanks to the Child Riding Belt (Invented, obviously, in Canada, and clearly labeled as “not a safety device”) I’ll be able to tote her around as soon as I can find a helmet that fits. Or maybe not. Thanks for the link, Mad Man Maddox.

4 thoughts on “Child Riding Belts”

  1. It’s not so much riding or them staying on, it’s the people hitting us. I’ve only had the girls out on the floorboards w/ the engine off up and down the driveway as i call upon my dad strength to flintsone the bike back and forth.

  2. Personally, it’s just not worth it to take my daughter on a scooter at this point.

  3. Wow, a real Darwinian oxymoron: The best way to pass along one’s stupid gene/s is to do something really stupid with their inheritor.

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