Big Ben loses more respect

FOX Sports reports that Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger will not get involved in any safety advocacy campaigns, instead, he will make excuses (“my helmet was in the basement!”) whine about how hard it is to “live life under a microscope” and let people “make their own decisions.” My decision is to abandon my 30+ years of Pittsburgh Steelers fandom because their quarterback is no better than your average gun-toting, date-raping NFL felon.

8 thoughts on “Big Ben loses more respect”

  1. Why should he do a PSA? people can make their own decisions. there are already too many people trying to protect us from ourselves.

    And should a sports star really be “smarter” or “better” than anyone else?

  2. The guy lived and doesn’t seem to have any extra brain damage so any PSA he did might have the opposite effect. He says, “wear your helmet” but the image is of a guy who didn’t wear his helmet and looks okay.

    I’d like to see a PSA with the person who hit him. (or how about making the person who hit Atlanta Zac do one saying “I am a dumb ass who seriously hurt someone.” just like those (print) ads with tearful smokers saying sorry to their families.

  3. I’m going to have to say Beeb that you missed the boat on this one.

    He’s a moron but to equate that with someone raping someone is a huge leap.

  4. Go ahead, be libertarians, but I think he missed the chance to make a positive impression (on his own behalf and that of the Steelers and NFL, which he represents, like it or not). He really blew his image as one of the few smart-ish, friendly-ish NFL players. Yes, of course his general spoiled idiocy has nothing on rape or murder, but in a league full of spoiled idiots, he seemed better than most, but now it’s clear that he’s not any “smarter” or “better” than anyone else. Now we have proof, and on top of that, he isn’t even making an effort to convince us that he learned anything from it.

  5. Guys like Ben not wearing helmets are just doing Darwin’s work.

  6. Yeah, I think even Mean Joe Greene would have made a statement. Dude traded a towel for a Coke, right? He’d have the balls. Like Yul Brenner’s PSA. Didn’t he look like he was going to pop out of your tv and crush your skull?

  7. I dunno. I think Charles Barkley was right. Athletes aren’t role models.

    That said, I am kinda dissapointed to realise Big Ben is just another Big Meathead.

  8. Yet another reason why I ignore professional sports in the US. The athletes can’t just hide behind Sir Charles’s duck and cover. They KNOW that millions of young wannabes are looking up to them as role models. With a tiny bit of effort they could do a tremendous amount of good.

    I left my helmet in the basement …

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