Farewell, P.J.!

R… A… M… B… L… I… N… Apostrophe!

Our friend P.J. Chmiel, the man responsible for Genuine Scooter Co. and Scooterworks’ fantastic graphic design for the past few years, is hitting the road for the next few months to see America on his custom Stella “Ramblin’ Man” (above). This Saturday (7-29-2006) 9:30-on, wish Peej good luck at Sally’s Lounge (3759 N. Western, at Grace).

3 thoughts on “Farewell, P.J.!”

  1. Thanks for the plug, Bryan. Chicago has been good to me and I will miss you and all of the other great characters here. At least I’ll have 2SB (and the ChiScooterList?) as conduits pumping Hot Chicago Scooter Action into my viens from wherever I end up.

  2. Doh, PS –
    Our most essential tools (and in 10,000 miles, we WILL be needing them) on the RAMBLE Tour are proudly carried, front and center in the glovebox, in a rare “2 Stroke Buzz Ricambi Bank/Tool Bag,” one of the finest purchases I’ve ever made. Thanks again.

  3. man, i would have preferred a shot of the other side, where you can see the clearly ironic airbrushed painting of what appears to be david allen coe or is that hank jr, with a bottle of whiskey? perfectly apropos for a straigtedge vegan guy… and why not swing by austin, its only a few hundred miles off course.

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