7 thoughts on “New scooter from Genuine?”

  1. The first production model of Genuine’s new BLUR will be going to Minnesota this weekend for the rally. Roy Park (me) from Genuine is going up there but doesn’t have transport for the scooter. Willing to pitch in for gas…looking for responsible transport.

    email me at roy@genuinescooters.com

  2. I wonder what design Phil ripped off this time.

    Vulcan Scooter Secte

  3. He’s not ripping anything off, the Genuine line-up is custom-made by PGO, who develops and manufactures their own scooter designs, unlike the mainland-Chinese Vino-knockoff factories.

    A Blur isnt any more a rip-off of the G-Max than a US market LX150 is a rip-off of the Italian-market LX150, both are only slightly different than the regular production model to meet US specs, the only difference is that in Genuine’s case, they’ve chosen to re-brand the product for the US market.

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