Another new Genuine: The Rattler

While we guessed right yesterday about the new Genuine Blur being based on the PGO G-Max, The Scooter Scoop reports that Genuine has another scooter on the way! The new Rattler will be available in 50cc and 110cc 2-stroke versions, and appears to be a Genuine-ified PGO PMS (once again, a big improvement, name-wise). If you like the style of the Genuine Black Cat, based on the PMX, but were turned off by the graphics, the rattler would be the bike for you. Going by the specs, though, we remain much more excited about the Blur, and look forward to seeing it in Minneapolis this weekend. The Rattler is the fourth of PGO’s eight current scooter models (ignoring the trike) Genuine will bring to the U.S.