3 thoughts on “La Dolce Vita scooter in California?”

  1. MY bet is its the crappy P series that Pauly Shore rode in Encino Man that used to be at Planet Hollywood.

  2. it’s says, “an original…” not “the original…”

    But coinkodinkly, i’ve been to Spenger’s, as shown in that slide show, where the fam hung out w/ Tanja Miller Freeman (of bloodly knockles scooter club, santa cruz) and Tom “Sacto” Lutzenburger of Sacramento and his wife Beth. Weird.

  3. I really doubt it the same scooter since it was filmed in Italy by an Italian. More than likely it’s in the Vespa museum, or in some Europeans personal collection…or maybe it was parted out years ago. But to think that it ever came stateside is a little hard to believe.


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