5 thoughts on “Piaggio first half 2006: €64.4 million”

  1. ok, so get the MP3 over here now…and please have the 250 come over along with making a 400 or 500 cc version for us with highways and longer drives

    and 2strokebuzz, any more info on the MP3? we got some great photos from you a while ago, and nothing much since…..we want more inside scoops…thanks


  2. The MP3 will be here in December. Dealers have been notified there will be one to test-ride at the dealer meeting next month (there’s an outside chance I might be able to get in on that action), so I imagine they’ll keep to that schedule. Remember, though, that we’ll just get the 250 for now, but I imagine we’ll see the bigger models by next summer. IIRC, the 250 costs more than a GT, so i shudder to think what an MP3 500 would cost.

  3. just glad to hear it is coming soonish and that they are bringing the 250….last rumors i heard was that the 125 was coming to the states and the 250 was europe only…we in america like bigger engines…

    and yes i expect the price to be pricey…but i’ve been waiting for yamaha to bring the TMax to the states and that would be pricey too…if piaggio beats them to market i could see people looking for a top of the line bike for the twisties putting out the cash


  4. you’re right, I’m an idiot, i was thinking 250 was the small one, but the 125 is, that’s what’s coming. And the 125 is as much as a GTS, IIRC. You threw me off by talking about the 500, which doesn’t exist.


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