Segways recalled, still pointless

After a recall of all Segways sold to date, the BBC wonders why they never “caught on”. Their conclusion: the government banned them on sidewalks. 2sb’s conclusion: they’re pretentious, ridiculously expensive, comically slow, overengineered, and amazingly overhyped. Other than that, they’re great. I love the punters arguing in the comments that Segway was the answer to congestion problems, as if everybody driving overpriced wobbly giant chariots on the sidewalk wouldn’t be twice the nightmare of current city traffic.

3 thoughts on “Segways recalled, still pointless”

  1. Hater. The Segway will change the way we think about transportation and the way we design cities. You’ll see.

  2. The CPD isn’t shy about spending our tax money on them though. I don’t think it’s handy for commuting because it’s too slow and impractical. If it’s too close to take a regular scooter to, just walk. Seriously. Stop being lazy.

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