20 years of Helices

Honda is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Helix (and boy is it showing its age, but people keep buying them) with a special gold edition, the “Fusion SE.” Nevermind that the traditional 20th anniversary gift is china, not gold. I guess a scooter made of porcelain wouldn’t be a good idea, nor would a Helix made in China. (from The Scooter Scoop)

2 thoughts on “20 years of Helices”

  1. they could have airbrushed images of the Porcelain Twinz on it (don’t google that at work if you don’t know who they are!)

    I’m surprised they keep selling the Helix when there are other barcalounger type scooters that are much better looking.

  2. Yeah, the helix is way outdated. They should be more like Kawasaki and keep it low key that they’ve been making a particular model for 20 years such as with the KLR650(even though it was recently updated), the EX250, or the horrible VN750.

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