Kinetic’s U.S. importer?

For months, we’ve been trying to find out who would bring Kinetic’s “Italiano” line of former-Italjet scooters to the U.S. In the end, he found us. Armando Gonzalez of Phase2 Motors, in suburban Seattle, posted this comment Saturday:

Hello all, just stumbled on this site and caught the posts. Great comments. I met the Kinetic Managing Director last year in San Francisco and am working to re-start Kinetic distribution in the U.S. The current distributor based in Philly is ready to retire and has had trouble getting a strong product line from Kinetic. Now that the Italjets are available, things are looking up, but you are right about their priorities. I was in India in June and it’s hard for them to justify putting much emphasis on the U.S. market because our annual scooter sales are dwarfed by what they sell in Inida (even as the #4 scooter company). Anyhow, I’ve been trying to convince them that Velocifero and Dragster are the big ticket items in the U.S. I’m going to copy the above comments and pass them along to Kinetic (minus any names) to help bolster the case. If all goes according to plan I hope to get some of these hot models into the U.S. sometime next year. Please chk out my site and send me an email if you have suggestions. I’m going to have to setup a dealer network from scratch and will need all the viral marketing help I can get. Pls keep those candid comments coming.

We’ve sent a slew of questions to Armando about Italjet, Kinetic, and his plans, we’ll publish his replies when we get them. Thanks for chiming in, Armando!

Update: A little more info about P2Motors and the Kinetic situation on the ScooterBBS. To clarify, P2Motors does not yet have a deal in place with Kinetic, but is working toward taking over from Cosmopolitan Motors. Cosmopolitan is Kinetic’s current importer, and has been for some time, but–for whatever reason–has brought very little visibilty to the brand in the U.S.

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