Motoring.co.za reviews Piaggio’s new Zip 100. The Zip 50 is hugely popular in Europe and Piaggio’s most affordable scooter, but is the new 100cc engine too big for the bike? (We’ll have a comment from Brooke within the hour with a resounding “no!,” and some whining about how it’s not available here.)

One thought on “Overzip?”

  1. But it’s a 4 stroke…I think that the 80 to 100cc 4 stroke seems to be the equivalent of the 50cc 2 stroke. If US laws ever decide to evolve past the 1978 gas shortage moped era I’d think it would be wise to include larger displacement (80-100cc) four strokes to be lumped in with the 50cc two stroke, for places that differential the ‘mopeds’ from the motorcycles. 50cc four strokes just don’t inspire anyone who isn’t a tree hugging denial machine or honda sycophant (I believe they are really different types of people but it’s hard to tell because of the same rhetoric and capacity for being delusional). I don’t mind not having them in the US at all though. One less 4 stroke is a good thing. I get the feeling you’re losing touch with your roots, Beeb. I’m kinda over the zip. I think I’d rather have a typhoon but to be honest I think my tastes have evolved past any new bike offering.

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