Is Italjet back?

“Scooteristi” posted a comment on our interview with P2Motors to let us know that Italjet’s site had a new Dragster on display. Italjet’s site had been down for a while, but lo and behold yesterday when I checked, it was live and totally re-done, with a new Dragster, a new scooter called “Jack,” and a few oogly dirtbikes and ATVs. The link is dead at the moment, but maybe they actually are up to something!

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  1. I wish I had… The new Dragster looked pretty great I think it might have been the same revised design that was posted a while back somewhere (can’t find it now, sorry). The Jack looked crazy but distinctive, sort of a cross between a Dragster and a Scooop and an ATV (but only two wheels). The other stuff looked like overdesigned ATVs and mini dirtbikes. Hard to say if it was all original designs, I don’t know those markets.

    That would explain why Kinetic suddenly started pretending they’d never mentioned the word “Dragster” (Despite the fact that they did, for two years, repeatedly).

  2. This text from the site indicates a possible 250cc 4 stroke Dragster!

    DRAGSTER RETURN TO THE FUTURE. “Strange, monstrous, exaggerated, but who will use it, with that snout, with that drainage, with that chassis, who will want it ” They are only some of the esclamazioni picked between the crowd, metabolizzate analyzed and motorized, than Italjet it ago heard ten years, in 1995, to the Fair of the Cycle and Motorcycle to Milan during the exhibition of the prototype of exposed Dragster 50cc on the revolving footrest of the stand. The from Bologna house introduced a proud one amused technological-aesthetic-modaiolo-corsaiolo Dragster. A scooter with chassis to attice called Dragster because only cosi it could be called. Instead at a distance of ten years not only the continuous Dragster to exist and to being demanded and being watched with astonishment, but, to its praise, has in the globe a series of fan club equally exaggerates to you and originates them: the situated one of Paul Robinson is looked at as an example. Robinson created the situated one in 2000 dedicating it to all possessory of Dragster assuring them that they would have found between its pages information on like “making up it”, redesigning it, and to cover it the own personality second. The Dragster myth, considered like the scooter for the new generations, scooter like no the other, and which symbol of new wave a a lot new age insomma has given origin to a scooteristica philosophy where the number of gadget gets lost between t.shirt, pins and other. Not only, the Dragster is disembarked also in Silicon Valley where the company leader of the field of the video games, has inserted the Dragster in just a game where it gets passionate to it to you can smarrir or be raged in infinite disputes escaping or chasing the enemy to virtual edge of and a fiammante one scooter of the from Bologna house. Today therefore rieccolo, plus esuberante that never, to above all promise to performances from modern times but emotions and emotions. Tartarini and Ferrandino have it rivoluto redeeming it in all its load, accessories and connected replacement parts, because recognized like the scooter that in the time and in spite of the bendings and the reflections of the market and the consumers is remained a cult and like such rendered immortale. Riecco therefore the Dragester in piston displacements 50 cc to injection, 125 4 times and 250 4 times per to astonish, to astound and to coccolare, yes to coccolare it gets passionate you of myths and monster of legends and metropolitan-scooteristiche truths in its livery and, with imagination thread, in that the fans will want dargli or to be personalized that from Europe or the countries of the Sol Levant they finally have a symbol that joins them.

    Also, the Italjet Jack is an electric 3 wheeler?

  3. thanks, moz!

    i don’t think that’s the Jack that was on the site, or maybe I’m confusing that name and the scooter i saw. It looked sort of wide, like a MP3/Scoop, but I remember looking to see if it had 2 front wheels and it did not. Damn, why didn’t I take screenshots!?

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