New 500cc Gilera 3-wheeler, Vespa S

The ScooterScoop just posted photos of the Gilera 500-cc three wheeler we’d heard about a while ago, presumably built on the Piaggio MP3 platform (yes, another sweet Gilera we will never see in the US) and a total out-of-nowhere surprise, the Vespa S, which looks like a retro-upgrade LX50 with styling based on the original Vespa 50S (square headlight, goofy horncover, boxy front fender). Both will debut at the Milan cycle show later this month. We’ll have more details soon about these scooters, as well as Piaggio’s winter clothing line (seriously).

2 thoughts on “New 500cc Gilera 3-wheeler, Vespa S”

  1. screw the ugly scooters what’s that to the left of the Gilera?

  2. It must be a Jorge Lorenzo’s Fortuna Aprilia replica. He just won the championship on sunday. Probably an rs50 or rs125.

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