4 thoughts on “Jacko’s scooter Love”

  1. Throw out the white girl, add a monkey, add a small boy, more crotch grabbing AND THEN love would be his message!

  2. I tried to transcribe this and translate it but my Japanese isn’t that great, it contains the words “Anyone who hears his songs … nature … Michael … fun … his … famous” but there were a bunch of words I couldn’t get/didn’t know, and I lost interest. Sorry!

  3. Damn! That’s awesome. I keep hoping to see US Yamaha scooter commericals. Gerber tells me that way back in the early 80s, Yamaha had their own stand-alone scooter dealerships.

    I notice that the Lou Reed Honda ad finally made it to youtube. I’d been waiting for that.

  4. With words “Michael Jackson” and “Love” combined draws me to the conclusion this probably isn’t a very old scooter.

    HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR!!!!!!! Twist n’ GO, Jacko!!!!

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