Vectrix to debut in Milan, manufacture in Poland

It seems like ages (and it has) since we last heard about the Vectrix, the electric scooter with the power of a 400cc gas scooter. Now, Treehugger reports Vectrix’ first production model will be on display at the Milan show and available soon. Vectrix has built 50 units at their Massachussets plant (capacity 12,000 units/year) and is preparing their facility in Wroclaw, Poland (capacity 38,000 units/year) to start production before the end of the year. (Thanks to Mr. Maddox.)

2 thoughts on “Vectrix to debut in Milan, manufacture in Poland”

  1. This is great news. I’ve always thought that the scooter is a great platform for an electric vehicle. Unfortunately most of the vehicles on the market are under engineered, whimpy and too slow. I would happily exchange range for more speed and acceleration. The Vectrix is larger than I would prefer but it may be a start.

  2. Yeah, it is very promising, and they clearly have some money and engineering behind it, so I wish them well.

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