Viva la Vespa (the podcast)

Trevor from Southern California wants a Vespa, and has decided to document his journey into scooterdom in a podcast. He’s still trying to sell his car, and doesn’t have the bike yet, but he’s determined. It’s sort of the podcast version of the Scooter Snoop blog. Trevor will thus be happy to learn that Scott from Scooter Snoop finally passed his test last Wednesday and has his GT200 on the road! (Thanks for the link, Rye.)

One thought on “Viva la Vespa (the podcast)”

  1. Aghhh yes, the long journey. Now I ride my sweet GT200 (a Daring Plum coloured one no less!) and I ride it into the Aussie summer down under! It is going to be about 35 degrees today…in our language that is quite warm. Perfect for a 90 minute ride to the hills. I have done 600km in just 7 days of riding so my tail bone is killing me from all the sitting down! But I look for any chance I can get to ride away!
    No regrets on the GT200. Love that Vespa!

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