Lloyd I’m Ready To Be Heartbroken

Here’s a moddy pop masterpiece from Camera Obscura with a great video to match. It’s the Smiths, Belle and Sebastian, Style Council, and Kirsty MacColl all wrapped into one and dropped into a world of IKEA lamps and Repro Depot fabrics (Not a terriblly manly song, no). “Don’t You Dare Cheer Up Tracyanne” (from the comments) should be their next single.

9 thoughts on “Lloyd I’m Ready To Be Heartbroken”

  1. Is this song getting some airplay outside Mpls. This has been on “rotation” at the Current for a while. Good pop to huff 2 stroke exhaust to while in an enclosed room!

  2. No airplay for Camera Obscura in LA. I’ve been a fan since the last record (discovered because of Sewart Murdoch’s production) and really like the new one. I’m the only person in my office who remembers Lloyd Cole, this song came as a pleasant surprise. Guess he still has some following in the UK.

  3. It came out this spring here on Merge. Mac can do no wrong. I’ve heard other Camera Obscura tracks on WLUW (listen online!) here in Chicago, but not that one. They’ll never get on commercial radio unless they start rapping in the middle of the songs, and sign to Warners, and change their name to Kamëra Obzküra, and hire Butch Vig to ruin their records.

    Apologies for using “Repro Depot” as the fabric-store reference, everyone knows the greatest fabric store on earth is Crafty Planet but I was going for name recognition to keep my weak joke alive, which was dumb because even though RD is probably better known, Crafty Planet is superior, and 2SB readers would be more likely to know about it. Need I also remind you that Crafty Planet has loads of great holiday gifts for the craft nerd in your life? Whether you crochet, knit, sew, cut, paste, hotglue, solder, or weave, they can set you up, and they have a whole giant, really-well organized, room full of insane fabrics that could make even the most hardcore manly-man suddenly want to buy fabric?

  4. Oh, and if you don’t crochet, knit, sew, cut, paste, hotglue, solder, nor weave, the Planet can teach you in a class, or sell you a book about it, or even sell you crafts that other people made, some of which you could probably pull a sticker off and pass it off as your own homemade gift.

    And don’t get me started on how awesome Meatie Babies are. All those kids you know with six Uglydolls will love plush meat, lovingly handmade by Patricia Hoskins, even more! Vegetarian options available.

  5. I bought the album. It’s good but that is the best song on it.

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