PM Tuning’s L-series photos

PM Tuning (Lambretta Innovation) has a series of photos of the L-series “new Lambretta,” showing various stages of assembly, and more photos from the EICMA show (Thanks, Stephen and Chad) The engine is, in fact, the Piaggio QUASAR 250ie motor found in the Vespa GTS, Piaggio MP3, and several other Piaggio Group scooters. The bike is being evaluated by Piaggio for engine approval and another Italian company is preparing drawings and production plans. Several years in the making, the new Lambretta is getting tantalizingly closer, but there are still a few hurdles ahead.

3 thoughts on “PM Tuning’s L-series photos”

  1. good to see they put a bigger gas tank in it. Hopefully I can eat my words, but I’m still not a believer.

  2. I’d ride that! I just hope they got the damn turn signals far enough apart. Stupid DOT regs.

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