4 thoughts on “Honda SH300i to US?”

  1. Reason to live! Sigh… The word is that GB is getting 300 of these machines and IT 30,000? Based on the responses I’ve heard, I think Honda USA could get *pre-orders* for more than 300 SH300i’s just by putting the word out to their dealers!

  2. jrsjr,

    I only hope that you’re right. Dealer here says nothing; knows even less. Yamaha has answered the market demand with a one, two punch– the Zuma 125 and the TMAX. The whole thing with Honda “not leading the way” just shows that them idiots at American Honda are either wacked, or smoking the wrong kind of weed. Personally, I think those Honda a*sholes have missed the boat. Apologies are unnecessary; bring da SH300i’s NOW!


  3. At least now they’re sending the SH150i’s over in June 2009 and I hope they sell a million of them (but they won’t know how to promote them like say… Piaggio would).

  4. The new 2010 Honda Elite 110 looks great too, and it’s got a huge Jacuzzi for underseat storage, very nice!

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