AMA “Fuels the Fund”

The only scientific study of motorcycle accidents ever performed in the United States was the famous Hurt Report (download PDF), published in 1981 using statistics and reports collected in California in 1979 and 1980. 25 years later, The Hurt Report’s findings remain the gospel of safe motorcyclists, but even Dr. Harry Hurt, interviewed in 2000 for David L. Hough’s fantatsic and essential book “Proficient Motorcycling,” seemed amazed that a more comprehensive study has never come along to replace it. Finally, in 2005, Congress approved a new motorcycle crash study, budgeting $2.8 million, with the stipulation that manufacturers, organizations, and motorcyclists would need to raise an additional $2.8 million. With a marked increase in both riders and accidents over the past couple years, the American Motorcycle Association has committed $100,000 of club funds to the study, and is asking members and all riders to do their part as well. Their Fuel the Fund initiative makes it easy to donate any amount, funding a study that could make an even bigger impact than the Hurt Report, and save lives for years to come. In the meantime, it’s a always a good idea to re-read Hurt’s study, and Hough’s books.