Scooter Diva’s Buyer’s Guide

Some of the photos are stretched funny, some of the lineups will probably change in February, and a few brands I might have included are omitted, but all in all, Scooter Diva’s 2007 Scooter Buyer’s Guide is a lot better than most of those fancy magazine buyer’s guides. And if nothing else, they weren’t pressured by advertisers into listing the 2004 Bajaj Chetak as a current model.

3 thoughts on “Scooter Diva’s Buyer’s Guide”

  1. “…a lot better”? At best, it doesn’t seem to be any different. Just a listing, and an incomplete on at that, of what’s out there. Doesn’t seem to be any guidance at all, which the term “Guide” more than just implies.

  2. If a magazine “Buyer’s Guide” actually gave you any actual guidance, it would imply that some bikes were better than others, and the advertisers would revolt. It would also require more research than calling all the advertisers and asking them to send in their specs and press photos.

    So, you are correct, it is basically the same as those fancy magazine buyer’s guides, but props to Diva for putting in the effort without the promise of another years’ worth of advertising contracts.

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