Rahul dances as sons face realities of business

As his sons deal with embezzlers, environmental regulation, and the Chinese, Rahul Bajaj danced the night away in Switzerland:

The Cabana Night Club in this Swiss ski resort, which boasts of the highest CEO density this time of the year, last night saw the cream of India, Inc. jostle for space on the dance floor and groove to Bollywood numbers.
Sunil Mittal, Rahul Bajaj and Nandan Nilekani let their guard down at the ‘Bollywood Night’ hosted by Azim Premji, as DJ Aqueel from Cairo belted out groovy numbers from movies like Omkara and Bunti Aur Babli. While the seniors matched step to step, sometimes even better than the choreographed sequences in the movies, young business leaders, including Aditya Mittal, heir to L. N. Mittal’s steel empire, were content to stand in the wings and see others swing around with their spouses.

2sb would pay good money for video of Rahul’s Bollywood moves. You know where to find me, McCabe.

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  1. We do have video of Rahul dancing, but it’s only about 10 seconds worth.

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