Mid America Scooter Racing Association


The Mid-America Scooter Racing Association (MASRA) is looking to revive scooter racing in the Midwest. They are scheduling open track days starting in the spring, and hoping to share some race dates with the ESRA in Circleville, OH. MASRA is looking to make it easy for anyone with a 250cc-or-below scooter (manual or auto, kitted or stock) to get out on the track and learn about racing

MASRA organizer Matt Devries also recommends US Mini Road Race as a good starting point for racers: “Don’t worry about their classifications, they would consider lap speed as opposed to displacement knowing full well that a cr50 is going to be faster than any P200.” USMRR is open to all small-displacement bikes including scooters, with a full season of racing scheduled.

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