Minnesota bursts with CWC pride

The 2006-07 Cold Weather Challenge has come to an end, with the top four spots going to Twin Cities riders. Jeremy “433” Stomberg rode his 2-stroke Bajaj-powered 1963 Vespa VNB for 11.4 miles at -17°F on February 5, and was stopped by the police for riding on the Transitway. Gary Charpentier (2) and his Baron scooter came up a mile short of Jeremy in the same conditions and Patrick “Duo” Harris (3) dropped his TGB delivery scooter three times during his 18.5-mile ride at -8.5°. Jeremy wins a copy of The Scooter Bible from Whitehorse Press, if his hands ever thaw enough to turn the pages. Congratulations to all the entrants, you’re all nuts!