I’m not one to post every time I ride, mainly because I hardly ever ride, but also because Steve is better at that. But today the weather, time, and daycare stars aligned, and I got to ride to work. I got hit with a bit of hail on the way in, a temp-tagger on his cell phone almost smeared me on the way home, and the potholes on Lake Street have never been worse, but it was flat-out awesome to get out and ride again. Chicago will surely be buried under snow again any day now, but it’s little mid-fities heat-waves like today that give scooterists hope.

I’m still way behind on news, but I’ll catch up, and I have a couple other big announcements coming soon. Thanks for being patient, traffic’s been great lately despite my slow posting. Our RSS feed and member list are both growing and things are good. Thanks so much for keeping 2sb alive through another Chicago winter.

2 thoughts on “Defrost!”

  1. Winter has slowed down my posting as I rail against the weather instead of ride. I’ll soon get back into the habit of ride, photograph, write and post.

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