Kymco Backs Experienced Duo With “No Factory Support”

Kymco USA has bumped up their motorsports profile by sponsoring the “No Factory Support” AMA Superbike team.  The team will be running CBR1000RR sport bikes with very experienced pilots in the seats.  Motorcycle legend Doug Chandler and experienced former MotoGP rider Kurtis Roberts are going to have a shot at taking on the full factory supported AMA superbike teams.  Kymco Super9 scooters will be used by the team in the pits as well as by the crew of a reality show on the SPEED Channel network.  (In other related news, Kymco is sponsoring a NASCAR team as well).  Hopefully this mainstream injection of scooters into the public arena will reduce the likelihood of Roman Holiday references in craptastic newspaper pieces by at least a small amount.  Thanks to the good folks at Road Racing World Magazine for passing along this Kymco PR information.

5 thoughts on “Kymco Backs Experienced Duo With “No Factory Support””

  1. I guess, why not NASCAR? If Pampers and Hefty have teams, why not Kymco? Especially the 50’s in Indiana for the DUIers that aren’t allowed to drive anything else!

  2. Nascar makes tons of sense for Kymco because most of their business in the USA is selling ATVs.

  3. I don’t think that’s true. I think it’s something they’d like to have happen but I don’t think it’s the reality.

  4. I don’t know if it’s still true, but at one point Kymco’s largest-volume dealer was Clifford Motors in Orem, Utah. They sold the snot out of the ATVs.

  5. I remember someone telling me a while back that Kymco sold far more ATVs than scooters, but since then, I’ve heard the opposite. I’d have to guess they have a larger share of the scooter market than the ATV market, but the ATV market is much larger, so both may be true, in a way. My bet is that they spend more money and resources advertising and marketing the ATVs because it is a more lucrative market.

    Thankfully, they’ve been pretty active and generous to the scooter world, so they’re not throwing ALL their resources at ATVs.

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