DOT/Slaughterhouse Meeting

There’s a Slaughterhouse planning meeting tomorrow (Wednesday) night at The Globe Pub in Chicago at 8pm. All are welcome. If you’re coming to/interested in the Chicago Scooterist Roundtable, try to come to this meeting. I met with Charles Roesner from the Chicago DOT on Monday and got a lot of insight into what they’re hoping to accomplish, and I’d like to share the good news and talk about it in a group before the meeting on May 4. As I’ve said, this is the best opportunity we’ll ever get to have our voices heard by the city, they’ve asked us for our thoughts on ecology, traffic, parking, and other scooter-related issues, let’s make the most of it.

If you’re on the email list, sorry to not contact you directly, I seem to have misplaced the list. Please spread the word.)

One thought on “DOT/Slaughterhouse Meeting”

  1. how was the meeting? i couldn’t hear anything you were saying on 2 tables ago last night. :P

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