Tandoori Sizzler?

Hey, I think I’d post about Tandoori Sizzler Doritos even if there wasn’t a sweet junky 80s-vintage Asian-Vepsa sidehack in the TV commercial. (That’s Scootin’ Old Skool’s second most popular post.) 2sb readers of Canadia [that’s not a typo -ed], you have a mission. First bag of Tandoori Sizzlers I get in the mail nets the sender a 2strokebuzz t-shirt so new, it hasn’t even been printed yet. You can even decide what color the shirts will be.

UPDATE ScooterScoopSteve points out that there are three different versions of the commercial on doritosplay.ca (go to ‘screening room’). Exotic Otter!? Allright, people, I NEED these chips.

5 thoughts on “Tandoori Sizzler?”

  1. Hey, I’d dance like an idiot, if I had a girlfriend who looked like the young lady in the commercial…

  2. Those are just Canadian ketchup flavor chips repackaged with some spicey stuff. ;-)

  3. Mmmmmmmm,…yes they are delicious, I think I will hop on my scooter and go get some later on…by the way, is it true that in the States it is that hard to find ketchup flavoured chips?

  4. I’ve seen ketchup flavored chips pretty often around here (Maryland)… also, crab chips are really popular (coated with Old Bay spices). Can I get something for free if I send you some crab chips??

  5. I can’t eat sea life unless it has at least 1/2″ of breading on it. If you batter-fry the crab chips, maybe.

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