2sb on SCTRCST

I was so busy last week, I forgot to mention that I was interviewed on Episode 9 of Dave Mangano’s “SCTRCST” podcast. Being a chronic mumbler, I was careful to enunciate, but something went awry with the audio so it’s pretty hard to understand me anyway (transcript coming soon). Don’t let that prevent you from listening to SCTRCST regularly, it’s a great show, and usually the guests are much more interesting and easier to understand. : )

2 thoughts on “2sb on SCTRCST”

  1. Yes, I’m sure your chronic modesty had nothing to do with you forgetting to mention it. I think there’s a new medication for that. It’s called something like Braggenzia or Egotisteron. Maybe I’m just thinking of booze.

  2. I thought the interview was great… what I could understand of it, that is.
    looking forward to a transcript.
    It turned me on to the pdfs of the print zine, which was definitely cool.

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