Julie Plug’s “Blue Sky Propeller”

Julie Plug

Once again, YouTube (via John Rana) serves up a great music video that slipped by unnoticed (to us anyway) a few years ago. Julie Plug (on MySpace) is a Bay Area band influenced by Britpop and the Sundays. Their 2003 “Blue Sky Propeller” video is pretty much the Filipino-American “Lloyd, I’m ready to be Heartbroken”, only a few years older and more scooter-ific. Read John’s post for more about the band.

2 thoughts on “Julie Plug’s “Blue Sky Propeller””

  1. Um, I think that video is from 2003, not 1993. If I read the website correctly they didn’t form until 1998 or so.

    Nice song. I’m a sucker for well-crafted pop tunes, though. Someone should invite them to play at one of those San Fran rallies. Although they’re probably not reggae/ska enough for all those aging mods & skinheads out on the West Coast.

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