Dragsters on the way?

The ScooterScoop reports that the new 250cc 4-stroke and 50cc 2-stroke Italjet Dragsters are due at Diamo dealers in 6-8 weeks. Italjetamerica.com features the a photo that some scooterists recently suggested may be a mock-up or photo manipulation, and the highly-anticipated Dragster debut at the 2007 DealerExpo turned out to be an older model, so many riders are very excited to finally see the new Dragsters in person.

More info: 2SB’s interview with DiamoUSA’s Mathu Solo from January.

3 thoughts on “Dragsters on the way?”

  1. I think that 250 dragster was from a photo shoot several years ago. The series of photos (real or not) have been around for a while now. So who knows what it will end up being. Mark you calendar and let us know when 8 weeks go by, Beeb.

  2. In the scooter industry, dates like this should be multiplied by pi or 3.14. 6-8 weeks should be more like 18.84 to 25.12 weeks, but extra time should be added for finding the last digit in the serial number.

  3. Just went to their “website” per the 2sb link. The website was screwed up with only a header in place that read

    “Fine Italian Scooter and Motercycle- Parts and Accessories, imported by Diamo USA. Dragster 250cc/50cc, Torpedo 150cc, Griffon 650cc, RollerCraft 50cc”

    I’m sure they’ll put as much care into those Chinese “iTaLiAn” scooters as they do their website.

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