Stellas soon?

My best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who’s going with the girl who saw LML making scooters at 31 Flavors last night. I guess it’s pretty serious.

OK, it’s not quite that convoluted, but we just heard that LML’s plant is officially back up and running, making Euro-market Stars and N.Z.-market Belladonnas (sisters of the U.S.-market Stella), and that LML brass have been in the US to talk to Genuine recently, so things are looking good that we’ll see more Stellas soon (new engines may be here as soon as July). A photo on LML’s Japanese site labeled “May, 2007” shows an assembly line loaded with scooters (anyone out there read Japanese?). Being put behind the Stars and Belladonnas is probably good news for Stella fans, LML can hopefully get up to speed on the Kiwi bikes and be at full strength for the U.S.-market.

4 thoughts on “Stellas soon?”

  1. The really terrible Babelfish translation:

    2007/05/18 The photograph of production circumstance of in house reached from the LML factory. When presently, for the Japanese production completes almost, ships promptly thing. At present time, during June in Japan according to schedule becoming to arrive, it increases. * Those where it has been taken to the photograph are not for Japan.

  2. stop stealing my girlfriend’s pop references. she only has a few

  3. Oh, god, that was driving me nuts trying to remember who said that the other day. Thanks Alison

    Also, from Jordan, a better translation:

    May 18, 2007: The production picture was sent from LML manufacturing. Presently the line for Japan shipment has been completed. And the first shipment will be near: it will be scheduled in the middle of June.

    * The products in the picture are not for Japan.

    April 2007: In June, the receiving order process will be scheduled. Your orders would be received at our dealer shops.

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