My favorite blogger is one year older

Now that the Galewood rally has gone the way of the dinosaur and two stroke twins, there was little to remind us of what I like to call Beebmas.  Today we celebrate the birth of the man at the helm of 2StrokeBuzz.  All of us here at the corporate office would like to wish Bryan a happy birthday.  Cake will be in the breakroom at 2:00.  Bring your own plates and forks.

6 thoughts on “My favorite blogger is one year older”

  1. Aw, thanks, Brooke. With Lake Erie Loop panic setting in, I’d completely forgotten about my birthday until they called me to the kitchen at work yesterday. That reminds me, there’s still cake in the freezer…

    Also “Brooke’s favorite blogger” is about the same as “Beeb’s favorite Evanescence album,” but thanks anyway!

  2. I hope you know I meant it with full affection. I’ve just acquiesced to the fact that Joe Public-generated topical ‘news’ sites are now included in the nomenclature of the blogosphere. I’ll reserve my disdain for what I used to call blogs to those self absorbed online personal journals.

    But back to the topic at hand. Happy Birthday! May you avoid the increasingly cold fingers of Death’s boney hand for many years to come.

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