3 thoughts on “Mods, Trons, Natchos, and Soldiers”

  1. it made me a little sick to my stomach while i was reading that. just because you ride a ‘scooter’ doesn’t make you a scooterist. good luck with the world domination by the way.

  2. I declared myself a Mod in 1966. I liked the music, clothes, Chelsea boots and lifestyle as I knew it at the tender age of 14. My girlfriend asked if I were a Mod or Rocker and made the declaration as Mod. Who wanted to look like Elvis anyway. I didn’t buy a scooter until 2005 and a new pair of Chelsea boots in 2006. Too bad some like to divide scooterists into groups by means of the type of scooter they ride. That’s not too mature. It is good to see their passion for riding and willingness to express themselves. But, it is difficult for me to judge why they ride a particular scooter and I won’t prejudice myself. Scoot-on brothers.

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