2 thoughts on “Return of the Zuma”

  1. Of course I think it’s a good thing. I’m sure Honda and Yamaha will continute to try to make better 4 stroke 50cc bikes but until they make some rip roaring ones I’m glad they can make the 2 stroke clean enough. I’m also glad that it’s just showing the Cult of Soichiro that reports of the death of the two stroke have been greatly exaggerated. It may not be such good news for the independent scooter shop as it’s just more real competition. But it was there before and I’m not sure if when it went away sales of typhoons went through the roof. Overall I don’t think it’s a great scooter. It’s geometry sucks but it’s ‘manly’ enough for many guys to ride it. It’s macho factor is very helpful to lower the barrier for scooter ownership among the insecure Y chromosome crowd. Another bonus is that people on craigslist will stop selling their zumas for more than new with the stated rationale that, “they don’t make these anymore.”.

  2. I’m glad that the Zuma is coming back. I currently own a Piaggio Typhoon 50 and a Honda Ruckus. Both vehicles have their good points; however, the 2 stroke engine on the Piaggio blows my Honda off the road.

    I’m curious about how Yamaha will be able to sell the Zuma in the United States. My Typhoon is a 2005, and that was the last year that Piaggio was able to import 2 strokes into the country.

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