More PR about the Vespa/”Transformers” promo tie-ins. “Scheduled for theatrical release July 3rd, “Transformers” is already generating buzz as a hot summer blockbuster.” It is? I thought the buzz was that “Transformers” was yet another expensive plotless Michael Bay nostalgia vehicle that, if the producers are lucky, will be popular with a handful of repressed action-figure collectors. His future projects include a remake of “THE BIRDS” (seriously!) and like six sequels of movies based on video games. Please, make him stop.

2 thoughts on “Decepticons?”

  1. Word is that it’s just one giant General Motors commercial.

  2. Can I just say that The Island was way better than I expected it to be**, even though it was just the parts of The Matrix that simpletons understood, grafted onto a remake of Logan’s Run that featured actors with better complexions than the original.

    **I expected it to suck like a 3″ chest wound.

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