Adly Lambretta photo

It looks like Lambretta International is re-doing their site and letting us watch. They’ve got their new logo on there, and that’s the Due50 (aka Adly Panther) in the foreground and the Uno150 (aka Adly Noble) in the background. Check quickly, they might pull it down if they see hits coming, and I can’t legally republish the photo here. I don’t know what Julie Christie is doing there, she must be lost. (FPO, by the way, means “For Position Only,” a designer term meaning that the image is just a placeholder for the final image). Here’s more info if you haven’t heard the story of the “New” “Lambretta.”

7 thoughts on “Adly Lambretta photo”

  1. Weird. I didn’t get anything the first time I looked, so I assumed they’d pulled it. (Hence the “No mas.” post.) Now, though, I look and they have a pic of a chick standing between two bikes. The one looks like your average generic twist & go and the other has a funky stacked headlight.

    The stacked headlight one is kinda cool-looking.

  2. They must be playing around with it. the link above works to see the old photo. The “cool” one is the 50cc Adly and the other one is the 150cc Adly.

  3. OMFG…Ferdinando Innocenti has got to be doing Immelman turns in his grave….If this is not the nadir of a once-proud marque, tell me what is.

  4. Hmm. Now the photos are gone and they’re back to using old Lambretta artwork…

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