2 thoughts on “Rossi Aerox (now in bleu et blanc)”

  1. I can’t believe you scooped me on this! I dig this years Fiat paint scheme. But Rossi never rides an Aerox. He’s always on a BW or maxiscoot. He was spotted last week riding a scooter around at the World Superbike race at Misano. He was wearing this bad ass Noriyuki Haga t-shirt with a cool NKI41 logo on it. Anyone know where I can get one? Haga has got to be my favorite rider in Supers.

  2. Hi, i know where u can buy the cool t-shirt with NKI41 logo on it that Valentino was wearing in misano … (i have it, and i have also the 41 baseball-cap … very cool)there’s a new Noriyuki Haga official website: http://www.nki41.com where u can find everithing about NITRO-NORI, and there’s a shop where from the 1st of september u can buy the merchandise like the t-shirt, cap, stickers etc with paypal or credit card … u can pre-order the t-shirt at the moment, but ask to them if u can have it before … maybe … and i heard that the merchandise will increase with longsleeves and so on in future.

    4 info see this websites:

    and … enjoy man!

    p.s. ifu are a fan … u can also send photos and be published on fan gallery, and they are making an Haga fans newsletter with many interesting thins …



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